You have achieved a breakthrough, I believe, in what you have developed.” Tapping Into the Field works to release the barriers within us that served to protect us in the past, but are now no longer needed. Dr. Timberlake guides participants to recognize and rejoice in their total selves, unencumbered by the baggage of the past.  Releasing old patterns and debris makes way for us to embrace our full potential and enables us to be all that we can be.   Tapping Into the Field is a remarkably quick and gentle process for doing so, moving participants quickly through the process in a manner that is both effective and empowering.”–Jennifer P. Maxwell, PhD., Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

“It is having a very positive effect on my day to day life.  My husband and kids have noticed that I am calmer, less reactive, and more open to whatever comes my way.  I listen, really listen, more than instantly react/respond, which is how I usually function.  It has been a rather intense experience and change for me, to be IN the moment, rather than reacting to it!”– Jenni Cox, National Network of Embroidery Professionals, President.

“I am routinely feeling more buoyant, happier, more hopeful, and lighter.  Much more optimistic-as I work through and heal issues, I feel them resolve into lightness, openness, and making way for more love and light and joy and hope in my life.  Each session gives me the gift of knowing that I succeeded in healing a difficult issue; this gives me added excitement and confidence to address more and more issues-it is like being on a wonderful soaring, climbing flight-the only way to go is up! I love the combining of techniques and the quick power dose of energy and positivity it provided for the day and week.  As Mary Poppins would say, ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way!” Erin M., student

Amazing! Joyful and beyond hopeful!! — Lib DeStefano, artist

“It’s been great to follow your work on today’s tapping. I love the flow of your tapping sequences, it’s opened up a lot of possibilities for me and for those I work with.” — Kathryn Lucatelli, Chicago.

“Today was awesome…something shifted for me and my easiness with people is back. Today was so powerful!” Denise Snyder-Markovich, LPC

“Money is one of the BIGGEST issues that a lot of people hold a lot of guilt around, this could help a large amount of people with this issue. Thank you so much for this process. I am definitely catching your excitement about this and ohhhh the possibilities!!!” Kay Powers, accountant

“By using the tapping sequence I am able to work through my issues that I face in my daily activities, redirecting the negative energies that stem from my acceptable outlets such as exercise or physical labor. I possessed the ability to do this before, but by using the tapping sequence, I feel that I have increased my capability to capture ALL of my negative energy and become totally cleansed. I have become familiar with the system, and now I am able to use it to its full potential and I approach stressful…issues with courage rather than fear, as I now have a ‘battlefront wingman’ to help me conquer my fears.” –Tim Griffin, college student

“‘” Erin Maxwell, college student