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I understand that my membership on this website and my participation in teleconferences, webinars, forums, podcasts, vodcasts, or any other material or opportunity available through this website (Today’s Tapping) does not constitute therapy,  nor does it replace any mental health services that I am currently receiving or may receive in the future. I understand it is not advisable for me to terminate such services upon use of these methods without first discussing this with my healthcare provider(s). The information contained in this website is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any psychological or physical disease. By becoming a member of this website, I testify that any psychological issues I may have are not so pronounced as to cause me to be psychologically unstable.

I understand that this synthesis of modalities for releasing negative emotional content, beliefs and behavior patterns must be considered experimental as there is no research yet on the efficacy of this synthesis of fairly new approaches to healing. While these methods individually have yielded seemingly remarkable benefits for many people they have not been sufficiently studied clinically and therefore must still be considered experimental. As fairly new healing modalities, the reach of their effectiveness, associated risks and benefits is not yet known.

As a result of using these methods, unresolved memories and issues may emerge that may feel like negative side effects. When this happens it is an indication that other issues need to be addressed. I understand that an “accessing effect” might be experienced if I have not completely worked through an issue, feeling, or memory I had chosen to release and that I might feel some upset later in the day or the next morning. If this occurs, I acknowledge that I have a multitude of resources to complete the healing of a particular issue; whether within or beyond this website; and should I deem it necessary, I will contact a local therapist, or in the rare case of feeling that I are experiencing some kind of psychological “break down,” I can go to my nearest hospital. I also understand that previously vivid and traumatic memories might fade as a result of using these methods, which, in the event of any legal proceeding, could impinge on my ability to provide detailed testimony.

By joining this membership site, I am agreeing to take full responsibility for my own health and well-being in using these techniques or in using them with my clients. I agree, knowingly, of my own volition, and with intelligent thought to assume any risks, including any possible negative effects, and to release, indemnify, hold harmless and defend the author of this website and her heirs, agents, consultants, and employees from and against any and all claims which I, or my representatives may have for any injury, loss, or damage, of any nature which may arise out of or be connected with using these methods.

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