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Increase your capacity to expand, heal and transform yourself and your life into a radiantly, light-filled, infinitely creative experience you live with inspirited passion and joy!

Healing the effects of trauma and upset (abuse, disappointment, physical issues, trance, negative, limiting beliefs-- feeling small, disempowered, and insignificant) is essential to live the spirit-based life of your dreams. It is, though, only the first step.

An array of resources is here to increase your capacity to live a radiant light-filled life. Tapping Into the FieldTM healing meditations, a set of more than 50 healing meditations using meditation, tapping (EFT) and holographic guided and interactive imaginal work, each 30 - 40 minutes long is the heart of this site. The topics covered range from healing trauma, alleviating stress, celebrating your inner child, increasing creativity, to helping you through the holidays and seasonal changes.

Tapping Into the FieldTM meditations carry you through a process in which beginning with an event, a reactive pattern, an emotion, or an associated physical sensation you clear it of the negative charge (upset) it still carries. Once the charge is cleared, you open to the field of possibilities from a level of consciousness that is much higher vibrationally than that of the upset. From this field you experience your true self and repattern your brain functioning and psyche for a life of increased abundance at every level.

I'm Holly Timberlake and I have spent my life helping others to heal and transform their lives. I am honored to offer you the fruits of this commitment. 


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by todaystapping on February 17, 2014

Mindfulness is a fantastically liberating practice, yet it won’t work well until

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by todaystapping on May 31, 2013

Moving Psychology into Realms of Expanded Consciousness, 2013 and Beyond PLEASE CLICK ON SIDE BAR CATEGORY ASCENSION & 5TH DIMENSIONAL LIVING TO ACCESS THIS; THERE IS A GLITCH ON THIS HOME PAGE. MY APOLOGIES! Title of my latest presentation integrating the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein with human development both individually and collectively is […]


Bug in the shopping cart: 2.25.13

by todaystapping on February 25, 2013

There is a bug in the shopping cart and the transaction won’t complete. My IT folks are working on it and I’ll post just as soon as it is corrected. My apologies for the inconvenience!