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Increase your capacity to expand, heal and transform yourself and your life into a radiantly, light-filled, infinitely creative experience you live with inspirited passion and joy!

Healing the effects of trauma and upset (abuse, disappointment, physical issues, trance, negative, limiting beliefs-- feeling small, disempowered, and insignificant) is essential to live the spirit-based life of your dreams. It is, though, only the first step.

An array of resources is here to increase your capacity to live a radiant light-filled life. Tapping Into the FieldTM healing meditations, a set of more than 50 healing meditations using meditation, tapping (EFT) and holographic guided and interactive imaginal work, each 30 - 40 minutes long is the heart of this site. The topics covered range from healing trauma, alleviating stress, celebrating your inner child, increasing creativity, to helping you through the holidays and seasonal changes.

Tapping Into the FieldTM meditations carry you through a process in which beginning with an event, a reactive pattern, an emotion, or an associated physical sensation you clear it of the negative charge (upset) it still carries. Once the charge is cleared, you open to the field of possibilities from a level of consciousness that is much higher vibrationally than that of the upset. From this field you experience your true self and repattern your brain functioning and psyche for a life of increased abundance at every level.

I'm Holly Timberlake and I have spent my life helping others to heal and transform their lives. I am honored to offer you the fruits of this commitment. 


Latest Articles

Proof of the Afterlife

by todaystapping on July 14, 2015

Have you heard of Dr. Eben Alexander, yet? His 6 day coma has proven that “heaven is real.” Yes, proven! How? As a highly respected neurosurgeon, he was given the best possible care.  He was placed on a monitoring apparatus that showed that the part of his brain where neuroscientists have been want to say […]


Sucking it Up or Letting it Out–You Choose

by todaystapping on April 19, 2015

Theophilos / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND A great article about the consequences of “hanging in there” on our physical health has prompted this particular post. The author writes of how a rich tradition of sucking it up, powering, soldiering through has really negative consequences on our health; I add, increasingly negative consequences as the stresses of the […]


7th Annual Tapping World Summit!

by todaystapping on February 12, 2015

The 7th annual Tapping World Summit begins February 23rd. It’s a 10 day long summit of presentations designed to transform your life! Join about a million people from around the world in this collective experience of transformation. When we plug into a group this large focused on self healing, expansion and freedom from the past […]