Energy Balancing Exercises

Why Are Energy Balancing Exercises So Important?

There are numerous reasons for making sure our energies are balanced and they all have to do with feeling better. If you know that you you don’t feel great and it’s not emotional, but rather energetic, you will want to read through the exercises and what I’ve written about what each one helps with.

While you might not be used to thinking of yourself in terms of energy, it turns out, we are all very familiar with the how we feel energetically. Balanced energies cover a wide range of experiences from feeling quietly contemplative and peaceful, to feeling vibrantly alive.

Examples of not feeling great energetically include the following: feeling heavy, thick, exhausted or depleted, drained, like walking through molasses, muddled. We can also feel as though we have energy but that energy is not focused, productive, and comfortable.  Examples of this include: feeling disorganized, confused, frenetic or hysterical, obsessively replaying thoughts, scenes, sudden bursts of anger that seemingly come from nowhere. These are all ways we describe “negative” energy states. And these are all correctable by doing various energy balancing exercises to correct what we refer to as non-polarization and neurological disorganization.

So, not only can you do them to just feel better (and sometimes these have been known to have dramatic results), but when these are imbalanced, they impede your ability to heal, whether physically or psychologically. If you want the healing work that you are doing–whatever it is, to be more effective and to last longer, you will want to build a practice of doing these exercises until you intuit that you have a stronger and more balanced energy system.

I find that when I’ve been sick, or if I have experienced some shock or significant jolt, that these flows can become momentarily imbalanced again.

Here’s what I suggest to begin to get an idea of how much doing these exercises helps your overall feelings of well-being. On a scale from 0 – 10, where 0= the least and 10 = the most, rate yourself on these: your energy level, the level of your mood, your emotional stress level, and the degree of physical tension you are experiencing. Remember these numbers and then go through the exercises that refer to what you notice. After you have completed all the exercises, allow a few moments to breathe deeply, and check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. Then rate yourself on those four levels again. Also, notice how much quieter your mind is after these exercises.

The ones that I have found to be the most important for increasing well-being are these: Bellybutton Breathing, Central/Governing Hook Up, Triple Warmer and Yin Flow, Collarbone Breathing Correction, Cross-Crawl, and Cook’s Hook Up. Additionally, the Over-Energy Correction is great for feeling as though your energy switch is stuck on “On;” it is also one of the most effective ways to treat difficulty falling asleep!

Since we have a tendency to not be aware of how we are really feeling, you might just want to go through all of the ones I’ve listed above. That way, you are sure to catch imbalances that you may not be aware of! I know that I do these very often, as I’m always taking new clients through them and periodically checking in with “older” clients when they are appearing more stuck in negativity.

If you find yourself in a very negative space, where whatever aspect of your life it is: family, work, friends, spirituality, energy, relationship with self, all feels heavy, unsatisfying, and problematic there is a correction that is simple, short and sweet and it will help you feel better immediately. It’s called the Global Psychoenergetic Reversal. Look for my white page on it.