Energy Balancing

When we tune into how we feel energetically, we quickly realize that we have quite a language built up already for our energetic awareness. On the light side of the whole we can feel anything from peaceful and content to radiantly and vibrantly alive.

On the more challenging side we find the following: feeling as though we have no energy, are drained, exhausted, wiped out. We can also have some energy but feel it’s as thick as molasses in January, so that it takes so much more movtivation to initiate any activity and to follow through with it until completion. And then there is the experience of having energy, but it not being centered and particularly productive. Examples here include feeling overwhelmed, frenetic, hysterical, obsessive and compulsive, dyslexic, and more.

Here you will find growing sets of vodcasts, pages, and podcasts covering these areas:

Energy Balancing Exercises

These exercises, when done together and regularly (initially to have the best effect you will want to do them each 3 times/day) help you to create a strong energy foundation. The stronger your foundation, the more effective any healing modality will be for you whether physical or emotional. While each exercise rebalances certain disturbances energetically, together they help a person to feel more resilience in the face of the their life challenges, feel brighter and lighter, more relaxed, with a quieter and more focused mind. I often say that the effect of this is to “cushion” the experienced harshness or the edges of life.

Energy Balancing and Boosting Tips

Welcome to a world full of ways to improve your energy (coming soon).