EFT Tapping Demo Video: Financial Stress Release

Short Tapping Demo: Financial Stress Release

In this short, 8-minute video, I use financial stress, since it’s so prevalent a concern at this time, to help guide you through how to begin doing EFT tapping for yourself. This emotional freedom technique has so many applications that Gary Craig has repeatedly said, “Try It On Everything!” If you have ever asked, how do I tap? this demo is for you! It will help you begin to understand that process more, so that you do not feel reliant on someone else’s phrases from a book or email or anywhere. When you know how to set it up yourself, you will be able to use this amazing emotional healing tool to take you to emotional freedom, anywhere, anytime!

As you begin to trust that you can do this for yourself will make your experience with tapping much more powerful. Sometimes, if someone hasn’t had an effective experience, they think tapping is not for them. This is not true. If it doesn’t work at first, please do not give up. The effects are so profound, so often, that you owe it to yourself to apply this in your life!