Grounding Meditation

Grounding or Centering Meditation

This podcast (below) walks you through the grounding process that I use in the Tapping Into the Field sessions. As with all podcasts on this site, it is better to listen to it with headphones.

Listening to this can is good for you because:

It is relaxing.

It helps you move your awareness into your body, where you can begin to feel and know more (from listening internally) as the chatter and clatter of the conscious mind is quieted, and removed from all the stimulation of the visual environment and our over emphasis on thinking, figuring, worrying, deciding, obsessing, analyzing, evaluating, and more…

It helps you feel supported by the earth.

It helps you feel more connected to God/Spirit, to yourself, to all life.

It helps lift your mood.

It helps bring more balance internally at all levels.

It can be restorative, if experienced deeply enough.

It helps you sleep better, and more…

As a meditative experience, it will help you experience all the benefits of other forms of meditation. A part of what makes it different is that it emphasizes our connection to the energies and Spirit all around us. This greater connection is very helpful when feeling cut off or isolated from others. It can help reestablish the energetic flow needed for being in connection.

Just listening to this podcast will ease your stress, quiet your mind, help you feel more connected, balanced and resilient.

You can listen to it repeatedly for increased benefit!

Grounding Meditation Podcast