In case there is confusion!

Congratulations for having the courage to change your life with Today’s Tapping!

The podcasts and the blog posts are listed along the sides of this blog and can be accessed from there. Podcast of Tapping into the Field of All Possibilities can also be access from the “Store” tab above. 

I have created a number of pages and some videos designed to help you learn more about tapping and various Energy Psychology techniques that you can use in your own self-healing sessions and as skills to help navigate through your life with greater emotional strength and capacity.

So…across the top are tabs for the various Page categories that are on the site. Pages are permanent. They do not flow into the archives the way posts do. There are three main sections to pay attention to up there:

-1 Get Started: has some basics for learning tapping and 2 meditational podcasts to help you get more grounded and to create your own healing Inner Sanctuary. 

-2 Energy Balancing: is filled with both video demonstrations and written descriptions of some of the most useful energy rebalancing exercises I know. These are not the same thing as the tapping sequences. They have been created to help us rebalance various energy flows. Some of them are referred to as Strange Flows (in acupressure) or Radiant Flows (in Donna Eden); others have come from such orientations as Brain Gym and educational kinesthesiology. I’ve added my own elements to a number of them, as well. In each one, I present some information on when to use it and the most frequent aspects of what it seems to help. This is not to say that that’s all that these rebalancing exercises do. It’s all I have words for, so know that there are more ways they are helping to support your well-being than what I have listed.

-3 Changing Beliefs: has two protocols for you. The first is for when everything feels wrong and for when you have recently been severely traumatized or fairly sick. The second is to help your free yourself from the power that negative beliefs have to sabotage your life and your feelings about yourselves and others, and your place in the world. It’s simply amazing how powerful both of these corrections can be!