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These pages will give you all the information, skills, and practice demonstrations you need to get the most from both tapping and the Tapping Into the Field™ sessions.

To begin to introduce yourself to tapping, you can choose among the following:

-Short Tapping demonstration (basic instructional video found at the top of the bar on the left)

17-minute Tapping demonstration (a more in-depth instructional video)

-Tapping Diagram

-EFT Tapping Protocol (description of the steps of the full process of EFT)

The Tapping Into the Field (TITF)™ of All Possibilities! 

 Perhaps you want to take some more time to more deeply familiarize yourself with some of the elements of the Tapping into the FieldTM (of All Possibilities) process, here are 2 videos that help you to get into a deeper state of relaxation before experiencing the same process as a part of all of the TITF podcasts.

This process is composed of a number of elements. Here are the first 2 which can stand alone as meditations, too:


Inner Sanctuary, Safe Place Creation 

Most of us are busy living up in our heads and rarely stop to be conscious of our being a part of life and the living energies of this precious earth, Mother Earth and many speak of her. From a unified field and from more natural religion/spirituality perspectives, she is a conscious being in her own right. And our bodies ore composed of her elements. Grounding ourselves into the flow of the earth’s energies and sharing in this exchange of energy is very nourishing and opening.

Most of us also feel a great deal of discomfort getting in touch with the “negative” emotions and memories that we have locked within us, that we don’t want to revisit. Whether we have completely blocked these memories out of awareness, or have ways of deflecting the emotional charge when it arises in the course of daily living, engaging in a practice that helps us access and release the still painful charges associated with these past experiences, helps us heal our relationships with ourselves. Helps us feel much safer within ourselves, so that we are not always looking outside of us for our sense of safety. The greatest safety is the establishment of this safe, inner sanctuary. Creating it is a great practice for increasing the reclaiming your sovereignty in your own life. And the more comfortable with feel with ourselves and what we kept locked away deep within, the more freedom, joy and energy we have to live from radiant aliveness!

So…listen to the above 2 podcasts and then settle yourself in comfort to absorb this session which is about 35 minutes long.


A sample Tapping Into the Fieldtm session for you, called Feeling Safe, is here:

.Blessings Galore!