Feeling Negative About Everything?

Feeling Negative About Everything, or Almost Everything?

Do you feel that no matter what aspect of your life you look at you feel badly about. You may feel hopeless, helpless, worried, agitated or more, whether you are thinking about your family, yourself, your job, your future, your past, the world condition, friends, activities.

Did you know that this is an energetic state?

This energetic state reflects all of your energy being directed towards sabotaging your well-being. And while it takes more than the following exercise to catapult you out of the overall heaviness that contributes to it, repeating this quick exercise will give you the energy and the drive to take positive action for  yourself. Oftentimes, when someone is experiencing a global reversal they are fairly depressed and have been for some time. So, it takes time for the correcting of this imbalance to hold. It’s as though you are creating a new energetic neural river and diverting the flow of water gradually from the old, sabotaging river to the new life-giving one. The longer you continue with this correction, the stronger your foundation will become.

This foundation is necessary for any healing effort to work at all. If you know muscle testing you can test yourself by saying “I want to be happy.” and then, “I wnat to be miserable.” If you are stronger on “I want to be miserable,” then you know you are globally reversed. If you don’t know muscle testing, don’t worry, if you think you need this, you probably do.

Global Psychoenergetic Reversal Correction

While tapping above and below your lips with the sides of your thumb and index finger (either hand), repeat the following 2 phrase, 2 times each:

“With all my faults, weaknesses and limitations, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“With all my gifts, strengths, and ability to love, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Remember to repeat this often through the day. The worse you feel before integrating this correction into your daily life, the more you should do it through the day. I often suggest to people that they do this up to 8 times a day for the first couple of weeks.