Changing Beliefs

Changing Beliefs

Our beliefs, more than any other factor in our lives, determine the quality of our lives in every sense. When we truly and deeply hold positive, light-filled beliefs, both consciously and unconsciously, about ourselves, others, the world, and Spirit/God, our lives proceed with so much greater flow and joy that we can almost feel we are living a totally different life than the one before we changed or healed our beliefs.

This, of course, you are hearing more and more all the time, from movies like What the Bleep Do We Know, to The Secret, to Leap! and from books, workshops, sermons, magazines, media and more. But few, if any, sources can really tell you how to reverse these negative and limiting beliefs to their positive counterparts.

For example, often people believe some version of “I’m not good enough.” No one wants to believe this, nor does anyone purposely engage in patterns that habituate that belief, so why is it so strong? Through earlier times in our lives there were influences from family, to school and peers, to religion, to society in general, distorted by all manner of challenges such as sexism, racism, all the ism’s, greed, politics, the abuse of power, loss, etc. that built up in our unconscious beliefs that hold the pain of such experiences. So that, even if consciously we know better, or don’t want to believe that about ourselves, we often still do. And then, we feel even worse, because we believe if we can and “should” feel more positively and don’t then there must be something wrong with us.

Happily, there is a process that can reverse this spiral and the attendant beliefs, so that you can begin believing some variation of: “I am filled with abundant possibility.” The difference in your life will be profound when you turn this around!

Pages here will lay out a process for you to guide yourself to more positive beliefs.