Holly Timberlake, PhD.

Birthday TwinsHolly Timberlake, PhD.

Licensed Psychologist, Diplomate in Energy Psychology

Her Work and Her Mission

Holly Timberlake, PhD., is one of the preeminent alternative psychotherapists in Northeast Ohio; she has taught Energy Psychology methods to therapists for more than 10 years; has presented both here and in Canada on integrating Energy Psychology methods into current practices. She also is on the leading edge of therapists who are helping people bridge the whole span from deep emotional healing to expanded conscious (oneness) living.

Dr. Timberlake’s holistic private practice helps adolescents and adults heal anxiety, depression, low self esteem, self-sabotaging behaviors, heal from loss and the effects of emotional trauma and physical disease, increase self-worth and ability to be in healthy relationship. Additionally, Holly teaches skills that help people better navigate stresses in their lives; stresses we now know are major contributors to disease and mortality. 
Results of healing emotionally include ~increased energy for living, ~increased emotional skills, ~better, more satisfying relationships, ~increased ability to perform better, reach goals and dreams, and ~increased creativity.

She had been a therapist for 17 years when she began to learn some new methods of emotional healing that would profoundly transform both her practice and her own life. She was first introduced to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), in 1997. At the time it was the most effective treatment for trauma and anxiety-based disorders, even though as a new therapy it was not yet accepted as a legitimate therapeutic modality. Since then, EMDR has become perhaps the most well-known and respected trauma modality. Then, in the fall of 1999, she began studying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a kind of emotional acupressure, that, like EMDR, is highly effective in resolving past traumas and releasing anxiety and phobias. She took to it like a duck takes to water! And since, it has become the bedrock of her therapeutic practice.

Holly founded and operated Nakaia Healing Arts in Stow for 5 years, one of the first holistic healing centers in Northeast Ohio. The model incorporated numerous kinds of alternative healing modalities (holistic & energy psychology, spiritual counseling, massage & energy therapies–Polarity, Reiki, CranioSacral, Jin Shin– and various opportunities for more holistic community living (drumming, community movie nights, holistic bazaars), hosting music & chanting evenings, other presenters–Tibetan Buddhist monks, shamanic practitioners. 

Nakaia was both a little too ahead of its time and she realized she couldn’t be both a full time therapist and the executive director of a large holistic health center, so wisely, she downsized to a private practice. 

Since 2006, her solo private practice has been in Hudson, Ohio. Holly has continued to build, refine and interweave elements she has found essential for healthy emotional functioning—

       healthy emotional response and management (healing past traumas, emotional scars, and their effects) 

       increasing beliefs that support energized and conscious well-being 

       high quality communication and relational life

       brain health, metabolic appropriate diet, knowledge of genetic issues that can affect mental health functioning (gluten intolerance and        MTHFR, for example) & healthy neuro-chemical functioning naturally 

   capacity for conscious living: mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, sense of purpose and connection, being a part of something              larger than oneself

Many clients come to her because they have heard of her effectiveness using natural and holistic approaches and because she is respected by many for the work she does. It is very common for people to come because they’ve been to traditional talk therapy and are still hurting or discover after some time that the issues they had worked on are still with them. As helpful as cognitive-based therapies can be, they do not really heal the effects of the past, only teach people how to live with them more effectively and to become more conscious with the choices they make. 

She has created a holistic and integrated Energy Psychology practice by combining EMDR, Energy Psychology (EFT and more), holographic/shamanic guided imagery and journeying, transpersonal, Gestalt, cultural and gendered awareness modalities, and dreamwork.

When we live lives circumscribed by fear, we cannot know what it is like to live free from fear. The more we heal, the farther we see, the clearer we see, the “bigger” we see, and we learn that there is so much more than we thought possible. 


Holly conducts community tapping sessions now in both Cuyahoga Falls and Cleveland, Ohio. to helping others who in a non-therapy, group setting to release the fears, emotions, beliefs and patterns that blanket full participation in radiant living and awakening to higher level dimensional awareness and consciousness.

Holly has an avid interest in cosmology, mythology, Unified Field Theory; she might even write a book about expanded purview of psychology through the lens of UFT. She is an Emissary with the Resonance Project, a non-profit organization to sponsor the work of mystic, physicist, cosmologist, Nassim Haramein, as such she has begun speaking on a wide array of diverse topics from sacred geometry to the importance of the pineal gland, to humanity’s emergence into the next level of human development, known by various names but which she calls: Homo Luminous.

She is available for public speaking, group and retreat facilitation, Energy Psychology and holistic psychotherapy training, and more. Her vita is available upon request for those interested in scheduling her for speaking engagements. 

She lives in Akron with her grown family close by. She’s a nature, art, music and dance enthusiast, expressing the joy of creating in many simple and satisfying ways.