Tapping Into the Field guided meditations

Tapping Into the Fieldtm is a guided emotional healing and transformational process that synthesizes some of the most powerful emotional healing methods available to us today with a process that, like a pendulum, helps you swing from the negative energy (thought, belief, memory, feeling, pattern) you want to release, to it’s energetic opposite of joy, peace, and abundance, helping you feel more empowered, lighter and radiantly alive!

TITF combines EFT tapping, shamanic/holographic imaginal work and body-centered meditation. It’s a process that transfers the energy that is trapped and consumed by negativity & emotional pain & makes it available for living your life in constructive, positive ways. Just as with EFT, you can use this on anything.

The TITF process transmutes energy that sabotages into energy that supports your well-being. Energy that is sabotaging you includes unhealed past traumas, losses, emotional wounds, negative/limiting beliefs, and destructive patterns of thought. Reverse the flow of that energy and it now is available for you to live with more aliveness, radiance, freedom and joy! The experience has been said to be life changing by a number of participants.

While people often heal deep emotional pain, this is not a therapy group. With years of experience supporting people healing from sometimes horrendous trauma, Holly knows the vital importance of creating safety for those who are “braving up” to do this work and she emphasizes creating a very safe healing environment. That being said, if you are not emotionally stable, this group is not for you.

Because it is done as a meditation, even though some information is sometimes shared by participants, you can be as private as you like about your own experience.

Combining elements from a number of healing and meditative methods, and the insights from the use of these methods in my therapeutic practice and personal life, with my own developed practices, Tapping Into the Fieldtm is a synergistic interweaving that can become a powerful resource for transforming the experience of your life! Some of the major influences to it include a deep, grounding and Light accessing process taught by Sarah Weiss, EFT as created by Gary Craig, as well as other Energy Psychology methods, and Holographic Memory Release from Brent Baum.

Engaging in the process repeatedly powerfully helps you grow the skills to navigate emotions much more capably. You begin to realize you are not the emotions, the beliefs, the attitudes you hold. You are someone much more expansive, radiant and alive! 

While the Tapping Into the Fieldtm is currently available only in certain locations in Northeast Ohio, you can derive much benefit by using the podcasts that you can experience over and over again. You can use the podcasts to improve your performance, enhance your experiences, grow and develop emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tapping Into the Fieldtm is not therapy, it is guided self-healing.*


*If you have been diagnosed with a severe mental and emotional disorder, or are on anti-psychotic medication, this process is probably not for you , and shouldn’t be engaged in without the support of a qualified therapist.