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Today’s Tapping:

An Emotional Healing and Transformation Practice to Help You Develop Emotional Resilience and Vibrational Vitality!

Today’s Tapping is a website created to provide you powerful practices for emotional, spiritual and physical healing using some of the most advanced healing modalities known! While the site offers a number of practices, it’s signature practice isTapping Into the FieldTM.”

Main Processes:

-Grounding Meditation

-Creating Inner Sanctuary

-Tapping (EFT)

-Psychoenergetic Reversal Work (Reversing Negative Beliefs & Patterns)

Energy Balancing Exercises

                                                -Guided Imagery (holographic and vibrational)

Tapping Into the Field™ is a 35 – 50 minute healing journey addressing topics essential to healthy, radiant, and energized living. I synergistically weave together the fruits of decades of study, reflection and experience from the best and most aware minds and the most open hearts whose paths have intersected mine.

Heavy energies (all fear-based: shame, guilt, resentment, etc.) are what block us from more empowered, grounded, enlightened and energized living. They are the energies of unresolved trauma, not only from the lives we live now, but from the collective unconscious memory since the major cataclysm in about 9,500 BC that nearly destroyed the planet and humanity. We are choosing collectively to heal these traumas. Doing so is needed so that we can experience the higher vibrational energy that is now present on the earth, increase our creativity, and our ability to participate powerfully in this time of deep transformation of both individual and collective life.

While I am rooted in this more collective level of transformation, this site (at least at this present time) focuses more on the personal level of healing and transformation. As each of us frees ourselves from the chains that bind us to outworn, sabotaging, and stagnating, ineffective patterns, our own trajectories will clarify themselves. Each of us have important gifts to contribute to the whole at this time. May you walk your own path with greater health, vibrancy, love, clarity and service.

The more heaviness we release, the more we are able to bring ourselves into alignment with the positive forces of the Universe. In doing so, we increase our capacity to live from peace, love and joy, and to remember the highest truth of our beings!

Imagine living the life you have always known is inside you to live—a life of abundant connection, meaning, joy, support, and love…

Imagine manifesting miracles every day…

And know that what you can imagine now doesn’t compare with what you will come to live as you release everything that’s been holding you back from what is possible!

Imagine identifying a belief or feeling that limits your sense of your potential and happiness, letting it go and then experiencing your expanded self, the awareness within you of your unlimited potential? This is the journey that you can take within yourself any time you wish, and the more you do it, the more you heal yourself the more you will attract your desires through the vibrations of your heart that are radiating joy, light, love, possibility, and peace.

Imagine the success in whatever it is that is important to you!

Today’s Tapping is a site that offers you the choice of your level of involvement where the sky’s the limit (see below for membership levels)! This is not therapy; it is not coaching; but is something in between. It is perhaps best described as guided self-healing. And your guide is an experienced and deepened licensed psychologist and energy therapist who has always had the desire to reach people the world over whose yearnings to reach for the apex of their own possibilities resonate with hers—mine, that is.

I have spent my professional career helping others to release their suffering and live more vitally alive, joyous and successful lives, whether they are powerful experiences of tremendous trauma or the effects of the stresses of our post-modern lives that they are wanting to heal.

Unlocking the keys to lasting healing and conscious expansion has not been easily accessible and until now required a lifetime devoted to deep spiritual practice. With the introduction of Energy Psychology methods in the last decades and the more recent introduction of holographic healing methods, we have moved into an era of rapid transformation of healing methods that are springing from keys being unlocked by science and metaphysics.

The Tapping Into the FieldTM guided meditations have been made as live podcasts, in which, if you are an Emerald member, you can participate live, over the past 2 years. There are at present 45 podcasts under such categories as Anxiety and Stress Release, Creativity, Healing Trauma, Inner Child Work, Expanding Into the Light, Relaxation and Release, Making Change, Loving Ourselves, Loving Others, and more! As an Emerald member (by the end of October, 2011) you can access them on line whenever you like, otherwise, they are available to download individually, so that you can take them where ever you go!

Here’s what participants are saying about their experiences with Tapping Into the Field™:

“I am routinely feeling more buoyant, happier, more hopeful, and lighter.  Much more optimistic—as I work through and heal issues, I feel them resolve into lightness, openness, and making way for more love and light and joy and hope in my life.  Each session gives me the gift of knowing that I succeeded in healing a difficult issue; this gives me added excitement and confidence to address more and more issues—it is like being on a wonderful soaring, climbing flight—the only way to go is up!” Erin Maxwell, student

It is having a very positive effect on my day to day life.  My husband and kids have noticed that I am calmer, less reactive, and more open to whatever comes my way.  I listen, really listen, more than instantly react/respond, which is how I usually function.  It has been a rather intense experience and change for me, to be IN the moment, rather than reacting to it!– Jenni Cox, business owner

Amazing! Joyful and beyond hopeful!! — Lib DeStefano, artist

“Today was awesome…something shifted for me and my easiness with people is back.”
“Today was so powerful!” Denise Snyder-Markovich, LPC

“You have achieved a breakthrough, I believe, in what you have developed.” Jennifer P. Maxwell, PhD., Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Money is one of the BIGGEST issues that a lot of people hold a lot of guilt around, this could help a large amount of people with this issue. Thank you so much for this process. I am definitely catching your excitement about this and ohhhh the possibilities!!! Kay Powers, accountant

By using the tapping sequence I am able to work through my issues that I face in my daily activities, redirecting the negative energies that stem from my acceptable outlets such as exercise or physical labor. I possessed the ability to do this before, but by using the tapping sequence, I feel that I have increased my capability to capture ALL of my negative energy and become totally cleansed. I have become familiar with the system, and now I am able to use it to its full potential and I approach stressful…issues with courage rather than fear, as I now have a ‘battlefront wingman’ to help me conquer my fears. –Tim Griffin, student

“Tapping Into the Field™ is an extraordinary new healing modality that synthesizes and weaves several techniques into a process that releases old patterns and makes way for new, more joyous ways of being in the world.  Dr. Holly Timberlake draws on her knowledge and experience as a counselor and psychologist of almost thirty years to skillfully combine her own developments with some of the best work in the field of energy psychology.  In doing so, she has created a simple but powerful way to clear the debris from old traumas and hurts, and to assist people to move to a place of living in the present with more joy and clarity.

Tapping Into the Field™ works to release the barriers within us that served to protect us in the past, but are now no longer needed. Dr. Timberlake guides participants to recognize and rejoice in their total selves, unencumbered by the baggage of the past.  Releasing old patterns and debris makes way for us to embrace our full potential and enables us to be all that we can be.   Tapping Into the Field™ is a remarkably quick and gentle process for doing so, moving participants quickly through the process in a manner that is both effective and empowering.”–Jennifer P. Maxwell, PhD., Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.


Ken Wilber has said that our shadows will follow us all the way to enlightenment and back. Ken understands that we it is essential to heal our suppressed emotions to truly live a life of expanded consciousness and spirit. Are you intrigued? Do you want to learn more and suspect this might be a life-changing experience for you? Or does it call to you in some way? If so, join me as, together, we travel “down the rabbit hole” into the field of infinite possibilities.

“This is a truly exciting time to be alive. As a species, judging by our “postmodern” art and “subquantum” science, we are learning just how completely we create our own reality. Central to this evolution of human consciousness is a growing appreciation of the many ways we (collectively and individually) create ourselves. Literally. DNA is the alphabet we divinely endowed biological beings use to compose our existence.”
— Sol Luckman, Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, pg: ix.

Are you excited to be a part of the consciousness expansion of the planet? These transformational time hold unlimited possibilities for those who can let go of their fears of change, their limiting beliefs, most, if not all, of which appear to be false from what we are now beginning to understand!

Wouldn’t you rather experience these next years, where life has sped up, where change is everywhere upon us, where the old is seemingly swept away with the tide, with joy, optimism, manifesting possibilities and being an active part of the rebalancing of the energies of life on this planet in ways that expand love and hope and communion with other like-minded souls, with all souls in more harmonious ways? It’s where I want to be and where I want to help you be, too!

Tapping Into the Field™ can be a very powerful catalyst for your increasing capacity to live a more expanded and inspirited life, where you are attracting and manifesting beauty, success, joy, peace, and brilliance, prosperity, increased capacity and opportunity to contribute good to the world.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully EFFECTIVE it was! I love the combining of techniques and the quick power dose of energy and positivity it provided for the day and week.  As Mary Poppins would say, “Practically Perfect in Every Way!” Erin Maxwell, student

Membership Levels:

1. Rose Quartz Level: This is the free level which houses a few introductory and demonstration videos for you to learn more about the methods that I incorporate into this Tapping In the Field™ guided self-healing and expansion process. All the videos are being filmed in places of beauty, serenity, and power. This offers both the added bonus of receiving some of the energy of the place in which the videos have been made, and beautiful visual interest and sound to your experience of viewing them! A short Tapping in the Field™ video presentation is, of course, on the front page.

3. Emerald Level: This level provides access to recorded and live podcasts. It incorporates all the material that will be found on the Rose level.  Each TITF  (Tapping Into the FieldTM) session lasts approximately 35 minutes, followed by a 10 minute Q & A period (not recorded). 

Some sessions you will likely find more pertinent, more powerful, and more effective to you than others, and these you can return to again and again. As one participant has said, “I always think the last session is my most favorite, and then comes another one that then becomes my most favorite!”

Once a month, I will be offering a 1 hour Q & A or i nterview session with me (and sometimes with other innovators in the field of alternative healing), where you can ask questions about any aspect of energetic healing and transformational change you’d like!

And it’s only $10/month to enjoy all the great material available and help catapult yourself into the life of your dreams!

4.   Turquoise Level: This highest level (not active yet) will be available for professional healthcare providers who want to learn more about energy and holistic psychotherapy.

 I invite you to accelerate your transformation now!

Ground in the Earth and Soar in the Heavens!