About Us

field of grass and happy young man“Oh! The wonders you will see!”

Today’s Tapping is a website designed for you to use to catapult your quality of life to new levels of peace, love and joy!

From releasing stress and worry, to changing negative habits and beliefs, to remembering the truth of your being–your potential, your highest expression of Self, Today’s Tapping is here as a guide for the actualization of your own inner peacefulness, joy, and experience of abundance!

The site contains podcasts and video, a forum, white pages and a products section where individual podcasts of the  Tapping Into the Field are purchasable for downloading.

The Tapping Into the Fieldtm process is the hallmark of this site, and I’ve made a number of pod and vodcasts available for free, for you to learn parts of it, so that before you listen to a Tapping Into the Fieldtm session (headphones suggested), you are familiar with some of the essential components. This familiarity will strengthen the power of your experience with Tapping Into the Fieldtm.

Above, you will see a list of pages: Features, Free Sign Up, and Tapping Into the Field. These all give you the information you need to begin your journey here!