Tapping like the Olympian you are!

by todaystapping on August 21, 2016

Bralon Taplin (I just got that his last name has Tap in it! HA! Here’s a very short video that I’m thrilled that someone captured showing this Olympian tapping before his meet. I saw him (I think it was him) doing it again on the track. If they are using it…and trusting it right before they perform for the performance of their lives…well…enough said 🙂

Tapping for performance enhancement is one of the sweeter joys of tapping. Imagine releasing the negative judgments, fears of judgment, fears of inadequacy or anxiety before doing what you love to do! Imagine, imaging yourself giving the performance of your life with breathtaking skill and self assurance!

It won’t be long before tapping isn’t a fringe technique at all!

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