The Divine Heart Kiss

by todaystapping on July 8, 2016

The Divine Heart Kiss of Heaven and Earth Within (with acknowledgement to Donna Eden and Sarah Weiss)

What It Helps:

It helps you to feel more connected, increases your sense of well-being, at all levels (physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually).

When to do it:

As a daily practice.

When feeling ungrounded, disconnected, unloved.

“In despair, feeling alone, sick at a crossroads, suffering with physical pain, in anguish because of an illness that will not heal, or otherwise unable to find the answers you ache to find.” Donna Eden, Energy Medicine.

How To Do It:

Stand in mountain pose (on the earth preferably) and consciously feel the flow of Mother Earth’s living energy. Place your hands on the sides of thighs (you might want to rub hands together vigorously first) and feel the energy flow down your legs. Experience the flow of energy between you and the earth until you can feel the energy running up and down your body.


With a deep breath circle your arms up over your head, your hands meeting together and draw them down to the heart center.

With another breath, lift your arms up above yourself outstretched forming a chalice shape. Feel yourself reaching towards the heavens and opening to the presence of the heavens ever ready to rush in. Raise your face to the heavens, with a slight tilt back this opens your heart, as well.


Feel the energy of the heavens flow down into you where, in your heart, they meet the energies of the earth in a divine spark or kiss. Then feel the swirling, flowing dance of love within growing and expanding. Feel the presence of the living energies of the elements, the directions, the non-physical beings gathered.

And breathe as you let yourself become familiar with this larger experience of life. Mark it in your memory. Perhaps set an intention for your day at this time; ask a question of the Universe (and look for signs through the day of the answer); imagine the love you feel dancing with the love of the Universe, with the love of others, with all living energy and loving life forms.

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