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by todaystapping on July 19, 2016


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Circle the City with Love, Cleveland Hope Memorial Bridge, Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thousands gathered stretching across the whole of this bridge in an elongated oval, standing in silent meditation and prayer for half an hour. We were all standing for LOVE.

It melted my heart; it spread love through the whole crowd and through this city and our land. I’ve been in an altered state since; hopefully it’s permanent!

The following tapping protocol flowed out of this experience and the powerful healing energy of the Monday night tapping group in Warrensville Heights at Michelle Martin’s wonderful center, Insight Learning and Wellness, where 12 of us gathered and entered into a profound vortex of healing and love, which itself grew out of the heart coherence of 2,500-3,000 people gathered together for love and peace.

If you don’t know the tapping points, just repeat it out loud as you read it. And then let us know how it touched you.


Even though I am having all these emotions, reactions and worries about the conventions and about all the hate group violence that is exploding around this country and in others, I want to trust that all is well, but it seems impossible to believe that now. All is not well and the world feels scarier than it did even months ago.

Even though I am having all these emotions, reactions & worries about the state of our world today, I choose to trust that deep in my heart of hearts, from a soul level, I know that all is well, no matter what.

Even though the world seems to be getting crazier all the time, I choose to see that we are transforming, that “wrong is coming up to meet us” everywhere as the shadow is being revealed so it can be healed…as the world awakens.

It is time to awaken,

We can all feel it now…

All these emotions, reactions and worries…

Feeling my heart breaking for all the tragedy and pain being caused

For all the pain being experienced by people the world over,

But especially now

For all those in France, who were killed, injured, who are still hovering between life and


For those in all the cities in this country that have been rocked by senseless violence

For all the Black lives taken

For the police whose lives have been taken

For anyone else suffering at the hands of violence, hatred, meanness and manipulation

For all those in mourning now for all these lives lost

And all those worrying about what will happen next

The fears of violence in Cleveland whether inside the convention or out on the streets

May those who suffer from day to day in violence, in poverty, in injustice, may their suffering be eased, their hearts soothed, their burdens lifted…

May the waters of Lake Erie that carry the love, the resonance activated on the Hope Memorial Bridge, continue to surround the land and her people with loving protection and a healing, soothing balm.

May all those with love in their hearts continue every day to send out waves of love through the whole region, creating a vortex of light and peace that makes suddenly impotent the moves for violence.

May the guns not work, may the arms go limp, may the words of hatred stick in the throats, may what’s hard and unforgiving, and mean-spirited be turned to mush…

May those who have come with a thirst for violence, a yearning to incite violence, may their hearts be soothed, may the love that is being sent in and around and through the city dissolve their hatred, bitterness, and all aggression.

May who find themselves filled with more fear,

All those now afraid to be in groups

Afraid to venture out

Afraid to show ourselves as a member of a group that could be targeted

Afraid to be targeted for our beliefs, our race, our sexual orientation, our gender.

May we all find the courage to speak our truth, to be our authentic, true selves

May we all find the courage to live from love, from peace and from a willingness to live knowing that our choices matter…

It is possible or at least I so want to believe it’s possible.

I so want to live in a world where justice and love prevail.

I so want my children, my family, my loved ones, my friends to all be safe and free

Even those with whom I may disagree, those who live in a different reality than I do, may they be free and safe.

May we all be safe together…

I could let go of this fear

I could let go of this worry that violence could erupt at any time here in ________ (Cleveland) or anywhere.

I am the change I want to see

What I do does matter, I matter.

I am the change I want to see.

I feel myself as the change I want to see.

I could let go of the fear and feel stronger

I could choose love over fear

I could decide that I am not going to let fear control my life,

That I will not let myself feel the smallness that fear creates,

The insignificance

The irrelevance

The powerlessness

The helplessness

I will stand for love


I choose to stand for love

I give myself permission to stand for love

It is safe for me to stand for love

It is good for me and for everyone for me to stand for love

I deserve to stand for love

I have the right to stand for love

I commit myself to standing for love

I kiss people with the eyes of love

I open my heart to let more love pour through and to receive more love

I let wave after wave of love flow through me as I commit to standing for love.

May I make choices based on my commitment to stand for love.

May I remember that I am supported standing for love by the Divine

May I remember to ask for assistance, for strength and courage and for miracles of the power of love.

May I rise with a whole world that is rising and standing for love.

I rise with a whole world that is rising and standing for love.

I rise with a whole world that is rising and standing for love.


May this bring you some peace, strength and courage,


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