Nurturing Fragile Gardens of Connection

by todaystapping on June 17, 2011

If I were a flower
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The final keynote was from Lynne McTaggart on her new focus: The Bond, which explores how essential connecting with others is for our health and well-being, and for the recovery of community and the navigation of these challenging times.

Her theme is echoed in this quote from Dr. Dan Seigel below…

“Summer is almost here and our world is full of human-made and natural disasters and suffering that never seems to cease.  Hardly a spring of simple blossoming–Yet the challenge is to maintain the inner strength to cultivate deep learning and kindness to our lives, inside and out. Taking time in to bring an inner clarity in the face of outer turmoil is the task ahead of us. It is our commitment, and our privilege, to nurture the fragile garden of our connections in the face of these global storms that challenge us each day.”  ~ Dan Seigel

I’ve never seen so many storms with such ferocity in such a short period of time in my life. Have you?

The global storms are many and varied. Their increasing intensity reminds me that we are out of balance, that the earth is reacting in very powerful ways that are not simply regular fluctuations in climate and weather.

How to balance within ourselves, our movement towards joy and radiance with the devastations that are mounting around us? It’s a question that I have been asking myself more lately. Dr. Seigel mentions inner strength, deep learning, kindness, taking time for inner clarity and nurturing the “fragile garden of our connections.”

The more we grow our hearts so they can contain more, hold more, open to more, the more we increase our capacity to weather any storm. To not just weather any storm, actually, but to move through any storm with love, compassion, service, strength, and guidance for those around us.

I encourage us all to engage in deep learning about connection, to engage in myriads of opportunities to connect with others with which we are presented throughout our days. We can give money to the pan handler, smile and say hello to all all we pass, pay for the next person’s toll, leave farm fresh strawberries for the neighbors, call our friends more, our family. Notice more. Offer to help. Offer to share.  Ask for help…Reach out to those near and far. We are each other’s keeper. We are the bounty , mercy, love, and presence of God every moment of our days.

Nassim Haramein, the visionary physicist of oneness, has recently said that it is important to be careful about everything we say. We are being asked, I believe, to rise to higher standards of everything important: of self-care, of awareness, of connection to every level of life form from the smallest of life to the most expansive, from the most material to the most spiritual. It is a phenomenal time, a powerful time. Do not doubt that profound change is upon us.

In such times the more centered and loving we grow, the more we become the ones we have been waiting for.

The Tapping Into the FieldTM process can help you learn to live from your heart, with a calm mind and body, a capacity for greater presence which always brings with it more motivation to contribute more of ourselves to the good of the whole and to live with more radiance and vibrancy. The repeated practice of releasing upsets, whatever they may be, moving into more resonance with the Universe, connection with your own Spirit, your Source, and choosing for yourselves possibilities from the quantum field builds this spiritual muscle until it begins to become second nature. This gradual transformation of your very way of being in the world is what transforms your life.

My wish for everyone is that we all wake up out of the trances to which we have fallen and to the astonishing wondrousness of life that is within and without!


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