2010 Reflections

by todaystapping on January 20, 2011

This time of year we are often either so glad to be beyond the last year and/or so focused on strategizing and resolving for the new year, that we seldom take much time at all to reflect on the past year. Yet, by not doing so, we miss so much awareness that can help organize and enhance our memory, we don’t give ourselves the chance to experience any gratitude for the year, for all the gifts received from the easy times and the challenging times, from the positive experiences and ones we label “negative.”

Winter Theme
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Give yourself some time to read each question and pause to reflect on it and in this reflection to feel the sensations, feelings, and insights that arise. Or better yet! Set aside a period of time so that you can write in response to the questions; maybe not all of them, but the ones that stand out to you the most. And when you are done reflecting and writing you will have a rich appreciation for yourself, the people, experiences, and growth in your life. To see how far you have come; what bridges you have crossed or built; what walls you have dissolved; what strength you have gathered; how you have opened your heart, will be hugely rewarding and a powerfully aligned way to begin the New Year.

Actually, I often experience the beginning of the Gregorian year as the beginning of my time of reflection. This reflecting period lasts until the Spring Equinox when for many people and traditions the New Year begins. I like the transitional space. I like this space for some pausing (though often it doesn’t seem to be enough!), for nurturing my inner self, my creativity, my heart and my soul. And then, let me know, or us (through comments) what this was like for you!)

Wishing you a Year of Catapulting Healing and Growth, in which you flow through the chaos, stress and disequilibrium of this day and age with grace and more peace and love than you could have imagined before!

Questions for Reflecting on Your Life in 2010

1.    Who were the people who came into your life and who were those who went out of your life last year (through birth, death, conflict/change)?
2.    Knowing that every person, event, challenge, etc. brings gifts, no matter how painful experiences may have been, what gifts can you see that you received from them?
3.    What new adventures did you have?
4.    What books did you read, movies that you watched that inspired you?
5.    In what ways did your contribute your love in the world?
6.    What new patterns did you establish?
7.    What new activities, new communities did you engage in?
8.    And how did all of this add to you and your experience of life?
9.    What are some ways that you grew spiritually or matured as a human being?
10.    What were some of your greatest lessons?
11.    Did you have any significant health changes/challenges this year and how have you dealt w/ them?
12.    What were some of the biggest changes and what results do you notice?
13.    What are the moments, changes, additions, releasings & gifts for which you are most thankful?
14.    What new outlooks/perspectives have you developed?
15.    Do you feel more connected (to God/Spirit/the Universe/All That Is, people, life, energy, etc.), more present and aware than you did prior to this year? In what ways and how did you bring this about?
16.    Overall, how do you feel about your past year?
17.    What is it you want to release this year that is spent, dead, toxic, old, that doesn’t serve your well-being and your highest good?
18.    What is it you want to bring into your life this coming year? What are the experiences, the feelings, the healing and the growth that you choose for yourself at this time in your life?

Holly Timberlake, PhD. 2011. Nakaia Healing Arts,

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