Tonglin Meditation

by todaystapping on November 3, 2010

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Throughout our lives, we feel called to or are asked to support the healing of another, whether that other be an individual or a group of others (people, animals, vegetation, water, etc.). There are a number of ways we can support others: by praying for them, by holding them in our awareness during meditation, by dedicating our meditation or prayer to them, by sending Light, and more. One of the most beautiful I have ever experienced is Tonglin or Tonglen meditation.

Tonglin Meditation is a Buddhist practice focused on healing all life. It begins with focusing on healing ourselves, then moves out into the concentric circles of our connections, from family to friends, to neighborhood, country, continent, planet, etc. We are placing our attention on the pain and suffering in these areas, breathing the energy of it in, and then transforming that energy within and breathing out love and peace.

This meditation is very calming and healing. I have interwoven it into the Tapping Into the Field process and offer it to you for whenever you feel called to support the healing of another–at any level.

Blessings to you and gratitude for all that you do to bring more healing, beauty, love and joy into the world!


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