The Color of a Woman’s Heart

by todaystapping on October 6, 2010

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The Color of A Woman’s Heart

Woman will meditate in a fashion that opens her mind to the silence of her thoughts. Where her breath is one with her universe and only one heart beats for all life. It is there she will dance with the voice of her God, as she listens to the song of wisdom and enlightenment. A sanctuary designed by her for a time… to heal and grow.

This quote (you can find “The Color of a Woman’s Heart” on facebook and if you are drawn to this one, you will love receiving his posts) is a reminder to use the podcasts on this site to enhance your meditation with grounding and accessing Light, and to create for yourself a healing sanctuary. I can not begin to tell you how important an inner sanctuary is to your well-being and your spiritual connection.

May your journey from this day forward be even more fruitful, even more powerful, and more spirit connected, so that you may live the moments of your life with more joy, presence, and vital authenticity!

Many, many blessings!


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