What is Percolating Up from Your Inner Self Now?

by todaystapping on August 4, 2010

Eternal sky
Sorin Mutu / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Most of us are so busy, running to keep up with everything that we have determined is important for us to do to feel good or right or safe–or whatever it is that is motivating our patterns of constant activity, that we take little note of the signals that are coming from our inner self about what is stirring our soul, wanting to emerge and be healed, wanting to expand.

Watch for synchronicities: music played on the radio, phrases seen, memories that pop through, dreams, physical sensations, do some free-form drawing, painting, movement and see what images, sensations, feeling come to awareness.

Our inner selves, our Higher Selves, are always trying to get our attention, all we need is receptivity and to create the environment where we can be more receptive. We can create mini retreat experiences in our own homes, take ourselves into nature to spend time just being there, give ourselves time to remember and write down our dreams, time to create and to reflect.

Be good to yourself and create some time for you, for this receptivity to the deeper parts of yourself that need attention, need to be fed by attention, so that all of you can feel more truly and deeply fulfilled in your life.

When you identify what is percolating, then what?

Support the creative impulses; call the person who is coming into your thoughts; engage in the activity that is being suggested; paint; dance; or do the work to heal what is emerging. You can begin by deep breathing, using the Grounding process that you can find under “Get Started” above, then from that space do what you know to do to release the charge (energetic, emotional, cognitive (as a belief)). You could modify the tapping process from either of the 2 videos, you could imagine/feel yourself lifting, pulling, releasing it from your body and removing it completely from your inner vision. You could dance it out, run it out, swim it out, release it through yoga, bilateral stimulation of the brain. It’s important to “see” it leaving, to bring awareness to the change you experience; and then to replace the space that held with Light, with color, with peaceful vibrations through sound.

Do not believe that whatever your pain, dislike, discomfort is, that it can not be healed. If you believe it can not, then it cannot.

If you believe it can, then the sky is the limit!

I choose the sky and hope you do too!


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