Presence as Essence

by todaystapping on July 13, 2010

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The more we open to our true, authentic selves, the more we open to presence in life, that is, as consciousness, the essence of life. I think of presence as an aliveness, a feeling that the air around us, the trees, the flowers, all life forms are filled with Spirit. And that instead of feeling apart from everything that is outside our skin, and experiencing the without as other, as objects or things, we can open to the awareness that we are that. As Alan Watts wrote years ago, we can experience a permeability between what we consider inside of us and outside of us. As we do this, we expand our experience of what it means to be alive. We create space for more peace, love, and joy. In this Tapping Into the Field meditation, we increase the experience of presence within each of our own inner sanctuaries.  The more permeability we experience, the more easily we understand that as within, so without…the richer our inner life, inner connections to essence, the richer our outer experience, or communion with life becomes.

The therapist in me wants to assert that this permeability is not the same thing as not knowing where our boundaries are, as with the prevalence of co-dependency. It is not about being confused about where I begin and end and where the other begins and ends. People who have been traumatized or neglected have particularly challenging issues with this co-dependent confusion of self and other. To borrow from Ken Wilber, this permeability and psychological boundaries exist at different levels of being. Permeability is a transpersonal experience, beyond the personal, beyond the ego, and psychological boundaries are important at the level of ego, where to function healthily in the world and to develop spiritually, it is necessary to be able to be clear enough about the needs of the self to create a sufficient enough psychological foundation for a successful life (however we envision success).

To open to the richness of the inner world, we absolutely need to quiet the mind and it’s addiction to distraction and externalizing or projecting. I suppose we don’t often hear of this as an addiction, but if you think about it, you will see that it’s true. An addiction has the quality of being a compulsion–a feeling of being unable to resist the urge to engage in, though we know this is just a seeming that we accept, as long as we are in the space of continuing the behavior.

We notice this when we are praying, trying to sleep, learning to meditate. The chatter of the egoic mind is so strong and prevalent that we cannot hear the still, small voice within. Of course, to call it a “small” voice is a misnomer, for it is the voice of God, or Spirit, or our Inner Spirit (however we view it), and this voice is ALWAYS the expanded, alive voice of essence and wholeness. the voice of Oneness.

Quiet the chatter in your mind and bring more peace into your life. You will gradually transform your life in ways you can not begin to imagine from where you are right now. And this is true no matter where we are. There is always a beyond that we can not quite imagine from our present vantage point. As we expand, so does our vantage point.

It is an astonishing path we are on and I wish you joy on the journey!



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Cathy July 18, 2010 at 5:07 pm

This was extremely relaxing and one that I will keep coming back to as I continue to balance my yin energy 🙂
Off to catch a joy beam….Thanks Holly


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