Moving Into the Field

by todaystapping on May 20, 2010


Today’s TITF session employed another modality into this overall pattern of releasing of releasing shadow elements and the heavy energies to soar in the Light. Previous sessions have incorporated imagery, light, color, sound (musical), and tapping on meridians as various methods of vibrational healing. Likely you will notice that some of these are more effective for you than others. It is this way with anything. Finding what works best, is most enjoyable, and congruent for us is a vital part of self-knowledge.

Have you thought of incorporating movement into your emotional self-healing treasure chest of implements? As we age, we have a great tendency, largely because we both see others doing this, and because we are not generating enough health and energy to resist, to become more rigid in every way: in our thinking, our feelings, and our bodies. Is it the rigidifying of our bodies that causes the crystalizing of our thoughts and beliefs? I think not, I truly believe that it is the thoughts that we allow ourselves and that we nurture with repetition that generate the vast majority of the increasing stiffness, tightness, and narrowness that we often see in people, even in their 20’s!

So, I encourage you to experiment with moving your body just for the sake of experiencing yourself and increasing your physical flexibility. This will support you in your ongoing efforts to bring more joy, more creativity, more possibility, and more love into your life.

You do not need music to do this, in fact, music will cause you to move to the rhythm that is generated, not your own rhythm. Lay, sit or stand and bring your awareness into your body (for help doing this, listen to the Grounding podcast on this site) and as you feel yourself more attuned to your body, listen for how it wants to move and follow its lead. Even doing this for 5 – 10 minutes will have wonderful results.

But please, do it also with music! Dancing helps us release heaviness and stiffness and can bring us into states of ecstasy and joy! See how movement enhances your own self-healing practices. You will more glad than you know that you did!

Enjoy! In Joy!


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