by todaystapping on September 1, 2009


Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day! When Spirit breathed,

She breathed this site to LIFE!

You can see my joy is overflowing. And what FUN it is for me to be experiencing this DAY!

Forgive me if you have all already received the news about the launch happening later today. I wanted to make sure that you also knew about the FANTASTIC gifts I am offering to those who sign up today for the AMBER or EMERALD level of membership!

For ONE DAY only, you can become a FOUNDING MEMBER and receive benefits every month of your membership! Benefits listed in the pre-launch and launch news blasts, as well, as ones to be announced as time goes on!

To read more about this, please go to one of my blogs, Healing Into Radiance for important pre-launch information (it will be up there by about noon today, September 1, 2009).

May your day be filled with as much joy and Light as I am feeling on this LAUNCH DAY!


In Service to Love and Light!


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