Serpent Mound

by todaystapping on August 10, 2009

The Great Serpent Mound

The Great Serpent Mound

My recent trip to Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio (southeastern Ohio) with a group of fellow “earthkeepers” was so much more    than I had thought it would be, and yet, was what I prepared myself to experience.

It is said that Serpent Mound is wrapped in mystery and that we have no real idea of its power; frankly, most would not even think of it as having power.

I know it as a place of transformation. There I had the experience of speeding through a wormhole–something that has happened before in meditation–and arriving (to my surprise) right where I was standing (when I’ve had this experience before, I “went” to other dimensions). It signaled for me what was to be a transformational experience unlike any I’ve had before! I felt this world to be SO much more than I have lived my life believing. While it’s hard to describe, all life became more full of generative energy, and while I retained a knowing of myself, this world lost its “thingness” and became the experience of pure energy.

We arrived to do a healing ceremony with Sarah Weiss on the very day that the stewardship of Serpent Mound switched to the Arc of Appalachia. We were treated to a phenomenal lecture by Ross Hamilton, who wrote The Mysteries of Serpent Mound, and inspired insights from Larry, the very knowledgeable naturalist there, whose orientation is deeply and profoundly spiritual and honoring of the sacred feminine.

For me, this highlights the power of trusting Spirit/God, knowing that all needs are already met, and as we truly LET GO of the limiting worldview in which we have all been reared, what happens is something we wouldn’t have thought real or possible before.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a whole new world out there/in here when we step over the threshold to recognize we are the authors of every perception we have. We are the authors of our reality in such profound ways. We are the authors playing in the fields of God each time we draw down a perception. Since every moment is no more than a perception, it is every moment in which we are authoring our lives.

I come more and more to recognize that it is not specific intentions that I want to manifest. It is an abundance of peace, love, and happiness that is my true birthright and that I can experience in every moment of my life. Trusting that the universe is this infinite field of possibility, trusting that limitations come from my perception, I choose to train myself to be open myself to this knowing each and every moment. I choose to bring myself ever closer to living in continual awareness of the unbounded, the infinite, and the quantum fields. AND “beyond” them to the knowing of Oneness, undifferentiated and pure. I think of this sometimes as the penultimate of all joy, all peace, all love, all union, all beauty. These states are beyond my capacity for comprehension, yet, trusting this is the essence of life, I can draw myself closer, like following the light at the end of the tunnel, to a place I can not conceive.

This is this heroine’s journey I have been tracking without knowing what it was, the whole of my life…

I imagine you know, too, of that which I speak.

To your hero’s or heroine’s journey!

In the spirit of Oneness and in service to Love,


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